Is EchoSign secure?
Adobe EchoSign takes every practical step to protect you and your data. Adobe EchoSign has been designed from the ground up for state-of-the-art ASP security. Your information, documents and data are secure — period.
  • Adobe EchoSign servers are housed in state-of-the-art, SSAE16 Type II SOC 2 facilities. The SSAE 16 supersedes and replaces the Statement on Auditing Standards or "SAS70", utilizing private network and infrastructure with no resources shared with other providers.
  • Adobe EchoSign backs up all documents and data both onsite and offsite at a remote facility.
  • Adobe EchoSign services are highly redundant, with multiple instances running for most product services.
  • Adobe EchoSign maintains a high uptime & availability record. Current service status and past service availability records are available online at
  • All site traffic and data access are performed over a secure HTTPS channel utilizing 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.
  • All customer documents and forms data are encrypted.
  • Adobe requires third-party background checks on all new employees, vendors and contractors.
  • Adobe EchoSign is US Safe Harbor compliant.

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