How to send an agreement?
How to Send an Agreement
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To send an agreement, sign into EchoSign and go to the Send tab. 

Type in the email addresses of your signers in the To: field.  Your service level will determine how many signers you can define per transaction.

Type a Document Name and Message that will be displayed to your signers. 

If applicable (Global accounts only), choose the language of the signer.  This will translate the email notifications and webpages that EchoSign presents to the signer. 

Upload a document from your computer or tablet.  Alternatively, select a document from the Document Library, Google Docs, or other document repositories that EchoSign supports.

Select from any of the enabled signature options presented to you and click the Send button.  It is as easy as that!  EchoSign takes care of the rest by notifying each of your signers and managing the entire workflow.

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