Web contracting turns paperwork into an automated process, making it easy for customers, physicians and insurance employees to get business done.

Why eSignatures in Healthcare and Insurance?

  • The amount of paperwork requiring signatures, routing, filing and quick access is an overwhelming burden to those who deal with it on a daily basis
  • The benefits of time and cost savings of moving to online signatures and a web contracting process are too great to ignore
  • Healthcare workers, such as insurers and physicians, can easily sign documents through a secure website while maintaining an audit trail and visibility for those documents
  • e-Signatures are compliant with the Federal E-SIGN act andUETA
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eSignature Benefits Delivered

From Fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized businesses in the healthcare and insurance industries, our customers are gaining benefits  such as:

  • Overall contract and on-boarding process expedited – from weeks to 1-2 days on average
  • Significant annual savings on postage, paper and printing costs
  • Faster and easier customer and physician on-boarding
  • Audit trail and document tracking to allow companies to keep their contracts secure, compliant and auditable
  • Improvements in internal operations and business processes
  • Increase in client retention rates

“EchoSign has not saved just days. It has literally saved weeks in some cases.”

Summer Beagle, Compliance adn legal contract coordinator

St. Charles Health System