Spend less time on paperwork, more time recruiting and onboarding top talent. Use Adobe EchoSign to create, send, and get documents signed. Easily. Securely. Anywhere.

Collect signatures quicker

  • Make it simple for candidates and employees to e-sign and return contracts, from any mobile device.
  • Send a document to one or 1,000s of signers at once.
  • Automatically deliver PDF copies of signed contracts to all parties.
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Easily send, track, and access documents

  • Keep real-time track of document status. Know exactly when it’s opened, viewed, and signed.
  • Get alerts when things happen, and when they don’t.
  • Store and archive signed offer letters, NDAs, policy acknowledgements, and benefits documents in the cloud. Retrieve them whenever you need.
  • Automatically maintain an audit trail of every signed document’s history.

Save time and resources

  • Reduce or eliminate the time, cost, and environmental impact of postage, shipping, faxing, printing,
    and physical storage.
  • Filter and search by name, department, or date to find what you’re looking for fast.

Add e-signatures to existing workflows

  • Work with EchoSign inside your HCM system and business applications, including Microsoft SharePoint,
    Acrobat, Reader, Google, Box, and others.
  • Brand the signing experience with your company’s logo, colors, and messaging.

“With EchoSign we manage contracts from anywhere, anytime, and the process is not held up at any point.”

Jenni McLean, Operations manager

Anton Collins Mitchell LLP