What It Does

The EchoSign widget allows you to post a document or PDF form for eSignature to any website with just a single line of HTML.

Don't just post a form to your website now, for the first time, take it further and get that form eSigned automatically! And as soon as it is signed, you'll be e-mailed a PDF copy of the signed document, and a copy will automatically be stored in your EchoSign account.

How It Works

It’s easy. Simply click on Create a Form on your Home tab. Pick “Embed a Form on your own site”, and just upload a document or a PDF form. You’ll then be given a single line of HTML that you can post to any website - or even a blog.

Then just tell your customers, employees or partners the URL with the form. They can then go to your website and e-sign any document. Moments later, you’ll be e-mailed a PDF copy - and a copy will automatically be placed in your EchoSign account.

Use PDF forms? Then it gets even better. Upload a PDF form and EchoSign will enable your signer to fill out the PDF forms, and then eSign the document.

Available Features

EchoSign Widget supports the following features:

  • e-Sign a document on your own website or blog
  • No need to send a document at all
  • Get going with one line of HTML
  • If you use a PDF form, forms can be filled out and e-signed on your own site in seconds!
  • Copies of all signed documents are both e-mailed to you—and stored in your EchoSign account to search and find later


There currently is no additional charge to use the EchoSign Widget. You may test the Widget with any EchoSign account but volume usage is limited to Enterprise accounts. Widget use is subject to abuse limits.