Send, sign, track and file documents quickly, securely and entirely from your Salesforce account.

Key features of EchoSign for Salesforce:

  • Send documents directly from within Opportunities or Contacts (or from within any object in Salesforce)
  • Pre-configure "Send to EchoSign" button for one-click sending from Salesforce objects
  • See the real-time status of any document at any time
  • Get real-time dashboard visibility into your sales team performance — track average time to sign contracts, average percent of agreements signed, agreement status by sender, and much more
  • Merge data between EchoSign and Salesforce
  • Push signed documents or audit trails into Salesforce objects
  • Automatically attach the final signed document to its Opportunity and/or Contact (or any other originating object)
  • Create workflows to send documents, reminders, or updates automatically
  • Workflow/trigger features include the ability to automatically send a document for signature without user intervention, set up trigger workflows to send an agreement on behalf of a user, or send reminders, delete, cancel, or update agreements automatically.
  • Localized signing instructions in over 20 languages including Simplified Chinese and Japanese
  • See EchoSign for Salesforce in action
  • EchoSign for Salesforce datasheet

“We started using Salesforce and Adobe EchoSign to help increase the productivity of our sales team.”

Laurence Hall, Salesforce administrator

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