Security FAQs

Do other people see or read my documents?

Your documents are kept confidential and the only people who can read them are you and the people you allow. All incoming faxes are scanned and electronically stored using the bar code on the EchoSign fax cover sheet. There is no human interaction with any of the documents transmitted.

Who can see my documents?

The only people who can see your documents are you and the others you allow. All documents emailed through EchoSign are secure and confidential, allowing no one without your authorization to view your documents.

If my documents are stored online, are they available by searching the Internet?

No, your documents can never be accessed by using a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Your documents are accessible online only in your password protected EchoSign account.

How is EchoSign more secure than other online document sites?

All site traffic and data access are performed over a secure HTTPS channel utilizing 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.

What kind of security does EchoSign use to protect the confidentiality of my documents?

All customer documents and forms data are encrypted. Documents faxed to the Adobe EchoSign servers are not accessible by others. Our servers read the bar codes on the cover pages to confirm proper delivery. Your documents are stored in a redundant off-site and secure facility.

Are my EchoSign documents kept confidential?

Yes, your documents are confidential. No one other than those you allow can see any of the documents transmitted using EchoSign’s secure servers, whether the documents were faxed or e-signed. Furthermore, your account and all your EchoSign documents are password protected and no one can access your data unless you grant them permission.

Are EchoSign's servers secure?

Yes, EchoSign uses dedicated servers that are housed in a state-of-the-art secured facility with fully redundant power and Internet connectivity.