Close business quickly with a frictionless document signing experience online.

  • Sign online with nothing to download or install

    When a document is sent, the recipient receives an email with clear instructions and a link. After clicking the link, the recipient can review the document online, enter all necessary information and sign it.

  • Three ways to sign a document

    Sign by: 1) using a mouse or stylus, 2) typing in a name and hitting "Click to e-sign," or 3) fax in a written signature.
    How it works

  • E-signing with a web identity

    Recipients may e-sign with their Facebook, LinkedIn or Google web accounts, and EchoSign will automatically capture their picture and a URL link to their public web identity.

  • E-signing on your mobile device

    Sign on an iPhone, Blackberry, or most other mobile devices with a web browser. Sign offline with our iOS app.

  • E-signing through Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader

    Recipients can easily sign documents directly from Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

  • Faxed signatures with the benefits of eSignature

    EchoSign automatically provides a fax cover sheet with instructions. Once faxed in, the signed document is filed in EchoSign and a copy of the document is sent to all parties.

  • Localize signing in 20+ languages

    EchoSign Global supports common and regional languages including: Indonesian, Malaysian, Danish, German, English (UK and US), Spanish, French, Italian, Icelandic, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). This option allows you and your customers or partners to read signing instructions in your native language.

  • Localized fax instructions and regional fax number

    Users will receive a fax cover sheet in their native language and can send the signed copy to a fax number in their region through EchoSign's Global Fax Network.

  • Multiple signers per document

    Have up to 25 recipients sign in any order electronically — or up to 4 sign in any order by fax.

  • Easily save your own signature

    With EchoSign's biometric handwritten signatures, recipients can sign via mouse or stylus and save their signature as a stamp to be used again. Or, you may upload a copy of your signature from an image file and use this as a signature stamp.

"Through increased efficiency and productivity, we’re able to grow our business without increasing our overhead.”

Jason Crain, Associate general counsel

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