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    With e-sign services in Adobe Document Cloud, you can go from send to signed in a matter of minutes. Keep track of documents every step of the way. And never bother with printing, faxing, or filing papers ever again.

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Sending documents.

Quickly prepare estimates, contracts, agreements, and other documents to be legally e-signed — in a web browser or your favorite business application. Then, simply point and click to deliver the file to one or more signers.

Sign and return from anywhere.

An email is sent to signers, letting them know your document is ready. With a few quick clicks, they can open, review, sign, and send the file back — all from the convenience of a web browser or mobile device.

Track what happens, when.

E-sign services give you visibility into the status of your document. So you know precisely when it’s opened, signed, and returned. No need to wonder if it’s reached your signer, if it’s lost in transit, or if you’ll ever see it again.

Keep records automatically.

Signed documents are securely stored in the cloud. Audit trails are, too. And everyone gets a certified PDF of the executed contract. That makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it — in the office or on the road.

Keep pace with the speed of business.

Use the features in Adobe Document Cloud to send, sign, track, and store business documents – faster than you ever thought possible.

  • Send and sign

    Sending a document to be e-signed is as easy as sending an email. Signing and returning is even easier.

  • Track and store

    Keep track of your document’s progress. Automatically store it in the cloud for fast, easy access.

  • Collect multiple signatures

    Get multiple people to e-sign a single document. And it’s simple to specify the order you want them to sign in.

  • Use your iOS device and Android device

    The eSign Manager DC app for iOS and Android will work with e-sign services in the Document Cloud

  • Collect legally binding signatures

    E-sign services in Document Cloud is fully compliant with the ESIGN Act of 2000 and the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA).

  • Archive securely

    Store documents in a secure online repository. Control access using passwords and permissions.

  • Verify signers with phone authentication

    Let signers authenticate themselves by typing in a one-time code delivered to their phone.

  • Certify documents automatically

    Digital Certificates assure recipients that a document has been issued by Adobe and has not been altered.

  • Use a web browser

    With e-sign services, you can prepare, send, or sign documents online – no special software to download or install.

  • Work inside enterprise applications

    Send, sign, track, and file from within Ariba, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Sharepoint, and other enterprise applications.

  • Add e-signatures to productivity apps

    Sign or send documents for signature while working in Adobe Acrobat DC, Acrobat Reader DC, Box, Google Drive, or Microsoft Office 365.

  • Add to proprietary systems

    Use the REST or SOAP-based APIs to access and integrate e-sign services with your business applications.

Adobe Document Cloud works with leading business systems.

  • SalesForce logo

    Use eSign services in Adobe Document Cloud to prepare, send, and get contracts signed from inside your Salesforce or Salesforce1 application — on virtually any mobile device.

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  • Microsoft Dynamics logo

    Simplify and customize document-signing processes by running Adobe Document Cloud e-sign services inside your Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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  • Ariba logo

    Cut document execution time by 80% or more when you add e-sign services to your procurement processes.

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