Integrate Adobe EchoSign with existing business systems to automate processes, drive best practices, and ensure compliance with government regulations and industry-specific standards.


Expedite student registrations, reduce paperwork and waste:

  • Get applications, vendor service contracts, reviews, proposals, PTO requests, permission slips, and more e-signed quickly and easily
  • Send one form to multiple people to sign and return individually
  • Automatically track and file paperwork
  • Let students and others attach verification documents


Improve responsiveness, citizen service, and reduce costs:

  • Meet constituent demand for online services
  • Keep details audit trails that log events and actions taken by participants
  • Comply with the US Federal E-Sign Act as well as security and privacy requirements
  • Automatically track, store, and manage signed documents in one place


Automate signature processes to accelerate payment cycles and time-to-care:

  • Streamline patient onboarding to improve the patient experience
  • Use EchoSign APIs to integrate seamlessly into existing line-of-business systems
  • Ensure data security and privacy to meet HIPPA compliance
  • Speed time to reimbursement

“Adobe’s solutions will help provide a powerful platform to reduce operational costs, improve customer experience and save time for our business, agents and customers.”